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If my grandma can can YOU!

Meditation is for EVERYone!

As the saying goes "never say never"

Because if someone would have ever told me that my grandma would have interest in meditation i would have said, NO not ever!

She is a savvy, stylish, smart, sophisticated, woman whom i wouldn't necessarily classify as "spiritual"

It is said (by one of my yoga teachers who was teaching this particular class) that when she tried Yoga for the first and only time, she sat on the ONE small ottoman bench in the front of room that meant for the teacher. When the teacher entered the class and shared that she needed to make her way to a yoga mat to begin class....that was the END of Yoga. She was outta there. So in my mind, meditation was out of the question. When she approached me with interest in trying a meditation session I was surprised. She shared that with her numerous health challenges, her Doctors suggested trying meditation.

I thought she was just saying it and wouldn't actually follow through. But she did. She came for a session at my studio at the time. Here is what she shared about her experience:

As I was going through the meditation,

It was like an out of body experience

It is like losing yourself in the moment

It was unreal

And then... it affected me the whole day. I felt Happier, more relaxed and maybe even not as anxious. I can't swear to less anxiety but the other feelings for sure. And if i felt like that then it makes sense that i wasn't as anxious

Because of the feelings i had that whole day was easy & relaxed

I wanted more moments of feeling this way....

We have continued meditation sessions and she expresses how much she looks forward to this relaxing time. I come to her home now and we schedule it so that no one else is around. She insists on no interruptions! I truly don't blame her

So remember....

If my grandma can meditate, so can YOU!

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