Better Balance/Healthy Living


Stacy's top ten tips for balanced living

1) Bloom where you are planted. We may not be exactly where we want to be at this very moment
2) Focus within so you don’t go without
3) Don’t get too comfy....Change is the only constant so let’s Breathe, flow, dance, sing & move through it
4) Say kind words to YOU
5) Feed your body nourishing nutritious foods begin slow
6) Remember taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, it’s self care
7) Love yourself enough to say No when you need’s a full sentence
8) Move, Strengthen, Stretch and Lengthen your body There are so many options
9) Imagine life as a moving meditation as we move shift and flow through life’s ever changing challenges & discomfort beauty and bliss are upon us
10) Patience is imperative transformation doesn’t happen overnight

Have FUN and Laugh A lot along way...