It all started when…

I stumbled onto a yoga mat and was thrusted into child’s pose barely breathing.   It was both extremely uncomfortable and an unenjoyable experience.  Honestly, in every sense of the word, the rubber hit the road in my life.  Or perhaps it was me that needed to find myself on the yoga mat and meet this head on!   

I had to find a way out of this devastating discomfort and I did, ever so slowly. I continued to find my way to my mat and my breath and began to gracefully embrace my body, breath and mind.  It became incredibly  healing and therapeutic for me and it was a completely moving, musical meditation for me. It takes time, persistence, perseverance, and the will to want more for one’s self to keep flourishing, but the only way to a happy place is getting through.

Whether you're a seasoned Yogi /Meditator or have never tried, there's always room to learn and explore more about yourself.

I invite you to join us and experience feeling more calm, peaceful and serene from inside out.

With love & gratitude,

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